Book Cover

My book cover has a melancholy tone. It’s black, grey, and features a white-black cover with a sad looking girl. I chose this book cover because the plot of the story starts with a with a girl finding out about a brother she was ripped of , and her parents lied to her. And throughout the story the main character ( Samantha ) always felt something missing in her life, like a void.

Making the book cover was an exhilarating and opening process. It helped me build and strengthen ideas about the idea of my book, the characters, and the direction of the story. Knowing where to begin with the book cover was challenging, the picture just spoke to me , and it seemed like the right fight. Creating a book cover itself , was new to me. Also the idea of a possible successful book, was new to me. I ‘am most proud of being pleased with the deciding on a book cover and being fond of it. Like it fit.