Wearable Tech

My wearable tech is a representation of a headband that holds a unique power that the people in my world have. The headband can also project holograms that can project a picture or can be used to communicate with other people. I used lights hidden in my headband to portray the holograms. The different color of the headband represents the unique power.

I created this headband by first cutting, measuring, and sewing the fabric to create the base, or the headband itself. After I used LED lights and connective thread to create a circuit that allowed the power from the battery to flow to the lights. I also used a reed switch that allowed a magnet hidden in a connective bracelet to turn the lights on and off. Holograms have always’d been a fascination of mine. I used the lights to represent the holograms to represent the way the pictures are made by moving lights. This creation holds the baseline for my story. Based off the romance, drama, and mystery behind the whole passage.