Plant Anthotypes :)))

What you see in this image are molds and faded shadow images. This project was planned out:

  1. We smashed green spinach , and we took the pigment.
  2. Next we put it with isopropyl shook it for 10 seconds, then let it sit.
  3. We soaked a pice of copy paper in the green pigment.
  4. Then we picked between leaves, coins, and pieces of bark to create art – to put on the paper soaked with the pigment.
  5. We smashed  the leaves and tree barks on the paper between two pieces of glass and used tape to tape down the coins and rocks and to use for design.
  6. We left the art to dry, to be hit by the sun to form a shadow of the materials we used.

Conclusion: Due to leaving our projects out a little longer there was mold that formed and, unfortunately, the shadow images ended up being faded. Our project took an interesting turn :). Feel free to try this at home!