My Twine

This is a choose your own story where you are the character. You get to pick their name, age, best friend, etc. It’s basically about a person trying to figure out who they are, and it take a massive turn when you go deeper into the story. For example let’s say your character name is Sam, and he’s 17, and has to chose to go back to the past and change a few things, but he didn’t realize it was the same day his mom got killed. Also, he didn’t understand why he was there. Then he realized this makes sense. You can go back to your best friends death date, change that day, and risk everything for them. The reason I chose this was because there are some people out there who want to go back.

So making this was a whole process, but, may I add, a good one. Like, when I started out, I didn’t understand. I had done coding before but for robotics, so this was a different ball game. As I was getting more into it, I didn’t want to stop at two different endings. The result of what you pick can effect your character’s life. As I was doing this process, I was thinking about this movie called Bandersnatch, and it was similar to what I was doing. Lastly, I felt proud of how it turned out. I think I wasn’t gonna finish in time but I did. Therefore, the process wasn’t a bad one, but it was defiantly a difficult one, but overall fun.