My twine is a start of a story I’m writing about a 17 year old going to a small town in the south to visit their grandparents. The twine is foreshadowing the traumatic and supernatural events that are going to happen in the story. Writing a branching narrative like this allows for more story-telling and helps me think of possible plot lines and drawings for the physical comic. I also really like how twine engages the reader by making the story interactive. This helps me think more about the reader instead of just my ideas for the story.

The hardest part about making my twine was both beginning the story and writing descriptively. I don’t write very often since I’m more of a visual person (drawing), so it was difficult to put the images in my head down as text. Creating this twine helped me think more of the actual text instead of just the pictures, and helped me recognize that both are equally important.

You can play my game here!