Architecture: The National Museum of Multidisciplinary Sciences (NMMS)

The National Museum of Multidisciplinary Sciences (NMMS) is a building set in another world; one where humans have been crossbred with plants to create a humoid species with plant-like qualities. One of such qualities is photosynthesis. With the ability to photosynthesize, humans start building structures that are open-plan- mostly meaning that the building is literally open, allowing the maximum amount of sunlight in. I figure that even in this kind of alternate universe, there would still be scientists ans doctors for ailments of the plant and human variety; therefore the NMMS was created.

For this structure i mostly used foam and cardboard in order to give the building a solid structure. The clean and sterile white are used because we associate white with hospitals and science as well as white light and the reflection of that energy. The brown skewers and cardboard are representative of the present and thriving earth around this species. The hardest thing about working with the materials I chose, especially the paper that’s used as ceilings and flooring for each floor was figuring out how to work the material in a way so it didn’t collapse in on itself.