The Power of Architecture

The creation of a coffee shop is done by me and Alex and we created it to show a place where people come together and go their to relax snd hang out there. In a way the coffee shop creates a community where people can coexist. Although it’s not finished I had fun creating it because I love doing hands on art projects where you have the opportunity to build based on what you want.

The project was created using cardboard as the main structure or paper based materials and glue was used to put the structure together. Because the glue wasn’t the ideal adhesive to use on the cardboard the walls didn’t hold up so well so adding more support to the building with more cardboard pieces helped withs stability. Otherwise, this was a successful project. Adding more detail since it’s unfinished would be my last resort to adding more such as more furniture or cleaning up the reinforcement on the walls. I’m overall proud of what me and my partner created and I’m glad we worked together to create such a fun and cool project.