The Medicine in Nature Print

My nature print represents the occupation of the mind. This medicine connects to me and can help you by occupying or changing your focus on something else when you’re put into a stressful situation. Occupation of your mind onto something else helps you to get rid of any stress you may be collecting so it doesn’t build up. Which is important because stressful situations can be chaotic and nerve racking to control so taking your mind off of it in order to regain control by doing another activity is a great way to destress yourself and rid of any negative thoughts

My nature print can be represented as occupation of the mind because of how I displayed it. I didn’t plan the making the order in how I placed the objects I chose onto the paper similar to how if you were put into a situation you are unaware of how it will end or what to do which is what I portrayed into my print. The way in which I placed the leaves and flowers is random but seems to coexist next to each other.