Twine: Steve the Cloak

Steve the Cloak is an interactive adventure game based around the premise of an illicit invisible cloak and it’s creator. Each plotline is extremely different from one another and the player’s choices will very quickly impact the route they go on. I like to think its a pretty lighthearted tale but it is a long read. Writing these tales was exhilarating, seeing as multiple plot lines can be explored with no real pressure, unlike when writing a full-fledged novel. I used coding to change the appearance of my game, like changing the background and text. Even though I’ve coded before when making my other game, Pray, the coding doesn’t change and the only thing that really changes is one’s own ability to hunt out issues in the code and fix them. I’m proud that I could figure out the issues in my code and not give up on coding altogether.

You can play my game here!